Are you a gin lover or rum lover. Well either are fine to be honest as here at New Ember we have been busy creating a couple of new products for the spirit drinkers out there. ” THE GIN MADE ME DO IT “ Sustainable hard-wearing bamboo wood boards are perfect for keeping the condiments … More GIN OR RUM?


I don’t know about you but I love to see how things are made. It’s fascinating when an artisan I follow show how they product the items they make. So I thought it’s about time I do the same. Video is not my strong point. I need to invest both in money and time to … More FEEL THE BURN!


My two main influences and inspirations are nature and nautical. Living down here in the heart of Devon I am not only a few miles from the beautiful Southwest coastline but also right in the depths of the rolling hills of the countryside. The New Ember Fern Board is available now just click HERE . … More THE FERN


So if you are looking for a coaster for your workspace for that vital cuppa to get you through all that screen time or a simple thank you gift maybe, the single coaster is perfect. There are many designs to choose from. These can be bought individually or as sets to suit everyone’s needs. Perhaps … More COASTERS ARE COMING


Do you write much anymore, you know good old fashioned pen and paper. I have noticed how in the last ten years – Christmas cards are becoming fewer. Now this may be because the nation are becoming more aware of waste and the environment but it also may be down to social media platforms. It’s … More CARD COLLECTION


I have always had a bit of a thing about keyrings so felt it was right to add them to my New Ember collection. Click HERE to browse. I started making mini versions of my designs to burn on to my keyrings, some of my artwork is too intricate to translate onto a small piece … More A KEYRING THING