Do you write much anymore, you know good old fashioned pen and paper.
I have noticed how in the last ten years – Christmas cards are becoming fewer. Now this may be because the nation are becoming more aware of waste and the environment but it also may be down to social media platforms. It’s a quicker and cheaper form of communicating.

At the risk of sounding ‘old’ here I do love to receive a letter or card.
This is why I decided to produce the New Ember Card Collections. These are completely eco-friendly cards which I print myself and put together. They come with a matching brown recycled envelope and a fully compostable Nativia bag too.

Available as sets of five cards with two themes to choose from –


The Nautical Collection consists of the Jellyfish, Lobster, Whale Tail, Crab, and Octopus.




The Nature Collection includes the Hare, Bee, Cow Parsley Seed Head, Stag, and Dragonfly.



Let’s not lose the art of writing. If you have some spare cards you don’t need to be caught out if you have forgotten someone’s birthday, or you want to write a little thank you card, or maybe just drop a friend or relative a note.

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