As you may, or may not know, last week was Hedgehog awareness week.

You may be thinking ‘No I can’t help them’ when in fact there is a multitude of ways you can. It is a sad fact that we have lost a third of our hedgehog population since the Millenium.


I am lucky enough to have a large garden which is, it seems, a perfect environment for hedgehogs to thrive. We have in the region of 20 or so, thanks to my Mum feeding them every evening between the months of March and October. We have quite an extensive natural wooded area. We can go out under the cover of darkness and watch them in their nightly routine, as long as we give them distance. Our two cats and the hedgehogs seem to put up with each other, but neither particular fans.

So if you want to encourage hedgehogs into your garden, here are some top tips on how you can help, taken from Gardener’s World :

  1. Create access holes.
  2. Plant a hedge.
  3. Make ponds safe.
  4. Check before strimming.
  5. Avoid using slug pellets.
  6. Make a hedgehog house.
  7. Leave out extra food.
  8. Grow native plants.
  9. Retain Twigs & Leaves
  10. Check Bonfires

Or if that maybe isn’t an option for you if you don’t have a garden or it’s just not suitable, you can become a Hedgehog Champion or donate. Take a look at this wonderful site People’s Trust for Endangered Species, here focusing on hedgehogs.

Fun Hedgehog Fact : Hedgehogs typically have between 5,000 to 7,000 individual spines on their back!

So as these adorable, but sparse, creatures are one of my favourites I felt it was time to honour them in a design. If you are interested in my handburnt bamboo board, just click HERE .

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