Have you been down to the quay in Exeter lately?

If not you may not have discovered the newly opened Rockfish restaurant, a truly quality fish and chip joint. This is because the freshness and range of fish and seafood available, their motto being tomorrows fish is still in the sea. Overlooking the River Exe creating a great backdrop while you eat.

The staff are super friendly and attentive having answers to all your questions. The chefs are cooking in an open kitchen area which to me is a great sign. Mitch Tonks – the founder – has an extremely strong ethic towards sustainable fishing which comes through time and time again.

Our fresh tasty food was cooked to perfection and did you know you can have an unlimited supply of chips? We stopped at three between us.

There are some great little quirks such as your waiter/waitress ticking the fish available that day by doing little doodles next to the name on the menu sheet which doubles up as your table cloth. Or the fact that kids are given a funky fish colouring pack to do while waiting for their food. Take note of the shipping forecast you’ll hear while in the navigation map adorned toilets.


If you see a Rockfish, step inside – you won’t regret it. 10/10 even on the rainiest of days.

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